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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ticket to Ride - New UK Map

A few years ago I created a UK board for Ticket To Ride, the excellent board game from Days of Wonder. Since then the board has been downloaded thousands of times, and I've received loads of kind comments from players around the world who have tried it out.

Earlier this year I was contacted by Ken Meyers, an American who fancied having a go at updating the board. I'm pleased to say that Ken has just finished his update, and the new version is now available from Ken's website.

I think Ken has done a fantastic job, some of the key improvements include:
  • A new map graphic that better replicates the canvas look of the real boards
  • A 100 space points counter (my version used the original 80)
  • An improved spread of colours around the board
  • An improved track layout (sticking more to the grid layout principle)
  • More destination tickets (a la the 1910 version of the game)
I love the fact that someone has taken the time and trouble to improve the board in this way, and I'm genuinely impressed by the effort that Ken has made. If you're into Ticket to Ride its definitely worth taking a look at his version, and remember to send Ken a note via email or BoardGameGeek to say thanks.

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wonkydonky said...

Excellent news professor!