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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crack Defense

I'm a sucker for a good Tower Defense game (with or without FMV), and this week I've been playing Tap Defense on the iPhone, a great free example of the genre.

Tap Defense is a simple (but very addictive) game, based on three maps and six tower types, all of which work pretty nicely together. What makes it so good though is that fact that you earn interest on any gold that you save (rather than emptying the pot by buying or upgrading towers). This means that unlike other Tower Defense games the optimum strategy is not to build the most powerful defense, but to build the minimum defense that will work on any given level.

This makes for a very satisfying balancing act, as you try to find just the right combination of towers to kill the enemy for the minimum cost. Those saved pennies are needed later on for the harder levels (30-43), and if you get it wrong then you'll be overrun, triggering another cycle of battery sapping play.

Cracking :-)

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