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Monday, May 12, 2008

OSX again and again

I came across this fabulous music video created by Dennis Liu using only Mac OSX - even if I hadn't switched I'd think this was brilliant:

I've been using the Mac now for almost two months and the shine hasn't rubbed off yet. Some of my earlier quibbles have disappeared as I've got used to the Mac way of doing things (most notably the additional Command key, and the missing right mouse button), and I've got to appreciate some other really nice features (like Preview, Spotlight searching and universal spell checking).

I've also come to regard Windows with a bit more tolerance as a low cost, hardware agnostic, public spirited OS. I've been trying to come up with analogies that do the difference between the two systems justice, and the one that best captures my thinking now is that Windows is a bit like social housing - its definitely something that I think should exist and be made available to those people who need it, but if I was completely honest I'd rather have my own place ;-)

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wonkydonky said...

I also really love the XP version...