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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So why have a blog?

I have resisted the temptation to blog for a while now - it all seemed rather pointless when I have a perfectly good website (est. 1994) to stand and rave at the disinterested passing world. But I've worked in the hypertext research community for nearly ten years now, and have seen the fall of the old hypertext order (Hypercard anyone?) and the rise and rise of the new. Now Web 2.0 sites have sprung up that really do blur the boundaries between authors and readers, and I think it's about time I walked the walk by writing the talk.

After all, it turns out that I actually read blogs - they are a good source of turgid opinion, and a nice way to keep tabs on those people who might otherwise be up to no good. Besides, blogs are beginning to creep into my working life, and its time to redesign my aging website with some funky new Web design. So it's practical as well as ego-soothing :-)